Designer : TIPPY Supornthip Choungrangsee
Tippy is also known as one of the most influential publicists in Thailand for the last 20 years, Tippy has undoubtly become a well-respected business woman in society. She founded Tippy & Tippy

Tippy is well known for her style and sense of fashion. This is proven by many awards she has received. Her talent and style is best shown in the magnificent jewelry she designs.

Designer : Nualtong Prasarnthong
She is the younger sister of Pang-Patrida Prasarnthong, the well-known artist who has produced many famous artworks. Famous illustrator , Pocket book design to GMM Grammy and product design. Her collection for The Little Pink Rabbit is “SEA SPELL”

Designer : M.L. Chiratorn Chirapravati
A true renaissance man, M.L. Chiratorn Chirapravati whose illustration works have been widely recognized for over 30 years, is known as a teacher, fashion designer, and food stylist.

His lifelong works have made a tremendous contribution to the communities as most of them are for charitable purposes and carried out to raise funds for those in need.

He is invited by The Little Pink Rabbit to create the 1st collection under “Friendship” And “Tie a Bow” for latest Collection

Designer : Sombatsara Teerasaroch
Collection of Love Not War, designed by Sombatsara Teerasaroch. The best fashion show organizer in Thailand. This collection has been part of the campaign for peace in the country and around the world that promotes love, resolve all conflicts. All income will be donated to the Foundation Thailand to help. , women widowed and children orphaned three southern provinces.

Designer : Wisut Ponnimit
Thai comic/animation artist Wisut Ponnimit has become known for his love of Japan as much as his charming, deceptively simple drawing style. After gaining recognition for his surreal “hesheit” series begun in 1998, heavily influenced by 1970s manga, he eventually moved to Kobe to get closer to the source of his inspiration. It’s no surprise he was prominently featured in the 2008 Bangkok exhibition “Tomyam Pladib” titled after an imaginary fusion of spicy soup and sushi, which showcased the intersection of Thai and Japanese creativity

Designer : Pattreeda Prasarnthong
Her Illustrations are currently published in Top magazine, Image, Ploygampetch and food Stylist, Her most recognition performance are handmade digital new content design to Dtac . She designs “Tea Time” collection for The Little Pink Rabbit

Designer : Srei Vacharaphol
Summer Love By Srei Vacharaphol, The brand’s new designer of costume jewelry The Little Pink Rabbit with the first collection in her life. She conveyed the inspiration of imagination through the story of a little girl that become fairy tales.

Designer : Ploy Chavaporn
Ploy Chavaporn, a true fashionista who put her signature to the ‘Little Pink Rabbit DAISY P’s’ collection.
Famous Fashion Blogger “Poboxstyle”
Style&Social Editor ELLE THAILAND
Founder and Designer of P’s Material

Designer : Paloyh (Ploi Horwang)
Ploi Horwang is invited to co-created color with The Little Pink Rabbit. The name is MY OBSESSION Collection which means passion. She choose her love and passion to the collection with this, such as glasses CAT EYES, Lipstick, Diamond. , HIGH HEELS, Lips. These things became cute costume jewelry.

Designer : Somnuek (Parn) Klangnok
Somnuek (Parn) Klangnok found his passion for art at the early age. Parn learnt art history and practiced painting on his own. And then he was introduced to the wonderful school – Chiratorn, where his artwork blossomed.

Parn’s works are published in a variety of magazines and journals, such as Mars and Ploygamphet. His subjects for paintings are usually flowers and the human portraits.

He is invited to co-design latest collection with The Little Pink Rabbit brand under “Collection Kiss” featuring Kissing animals design which represents love and encourage to each other.

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